Clogged Gutter Repair in Jacksonville & St. Augustine

Clogged rain gutters can become a constant headache. When gutters clog, water doesn't drain properly and finds its way elsewhere. Poor drainage from clogged gutters means potential water damage to roofing, siding, patios, landscaping, foundations, and more.

Gutter Minds provides professional, reliable clogged gutter repair to protect properties from water damage in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine, and more cities across our Florida service area. Avoid mold growth and structural damage with professional gutter repair for clogged gutters. Call us today to consult with a Gutter Minds clogged gutters expert.

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Professional clog gutter repair services: installation of new part

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Periodic gutter inspection and gutter cleaning help prevent water damage, foundation issues, and insect infestations. We suggest you do the one or two times a year. Especially if you suspect any gutter clogs or gutter leaks. Ignoring gutter clog or leak issues can become costly later and lead to the following:

  • Foundation damage
  • Roof damage
  • Wall, siding and brick damage
  • Wood fascia damage

Common Clogged Gutter Issues We Address in Jacksonville

Gutter Minds repairs clogged gutters, and additional gutter repair issues we tackle include:


Leaves and twigs easily clog rain gutters, especially from overhanging branches. Wet leaves can be extra difficult to remove.

moss and mold
Moss or mold

Neglecting gutter maintenance can lead to moss and mold growth. Over time, this can clog gutters and hamper drainage.

gutter snow
Ice Dams

A rare Florida freeze and wet weather can mix to form gutter ice dams, hindering proper drainage and causing gutter clogs.

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Don't neglect clogged or leaking rain gutters. Schedule cleaning or repair with Gutter Minds. Turn to us for gutter repair, gutter cleaning, and gutter installation. We're available to assist with your clogged gutter repair in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Orange Park, Fernandina Beach, and more Florida cities.

Gutter filled with leaves and debris, needing cleaning or maintenance.

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