Gutter Styles Available in St. Augustine & Jacksonville

Gutters basically channel the rainwater to the ground through downspouts and protect your house from any water damage. As it is connected through the roof and situated on the outside, styling is mandatory to maintain a decorative look. Here, Gutter Minds has got your back!

Our crews provide the best available collection of rain gutter styles from which to choose in Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Saint Augustine, Ponte Vedra Beach, Orange Park, and other cities within our service area. We are always at your service to provide stylish gutters for homeowners and business owners in Amelia Island, Fernandina BeachYulee, Callahan, Nocatee, or Jacksonville Beach. When you need our help, give us a call at 904-746-1101 to make an appointment today for services at your property,

Gutter styles

The Gutter Styles in Orange Park

Gutters can be styled in different ways maintaining the looks of your home.

  • K-Shaped Gutters: These types of gutters can be a suitable choice for those who live in rain zones. Because of its round shape, it can hold more rainwater than usual gutters. The flat back can easily drain the water through the fascia. It is densely popular among most households as it adds a seamless look to the house.
  • Half-round Gutters: If you want a traditional look, not that fancy, then half-round gutters are the solution. There are a few types of this style - double-bead, single-bead, and reverse bead style. Choosing one will not affect the efficiency but it will affect the appearance. You can custom-make these gutters according to your preferences.
  • Box Gutters: Box gutters are quite exclusive and commonly used in commercial buildings as these favor flat-roof buildings. These types of gutters are long and large. It can be accommodated the wider roofs in such architectures.
  • Victorian Ogee Gutters: These are specially designed for more traditional homes. But with the right customization, it can look great in modern homes as well. However, the gutter drain is quite small in shape. So, it would be a wise decision to use it for smaller homes.
Services we offer

Other Services by Gutter Minds

Besides gutter styling, the other services include:

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Gutter Minds should be chosen over others because we specialize in:

  • Custom-made gutters
  • Gutter repair services.
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  • Wide variety of gutter styles
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To hire us, give 904-746-1101 to get started installing the most stylish gutters available in Saint Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Amelia Island, and other cities within our Florida service area.


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